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SMARTWALLⓇ is a visual merchandising system that utilizes new or existing wall standards to supply power using proprietary low voltage lighting. Power to illuminate an array of merchandise is delivered through the standards to circuitry built into each unit. No need for hard wiring, or any exposed electrical connections; SMARTWALLⓇ is self contained elegance.

Lightweight shelves can be stored flat, with totally independent brackets that handle the same weight load as any shelf on the market. This includes industrial gondolas used in grocery and office supply stores.

Competitively Priced:
Choose from a Limitless Selection of Finishes light temperatures to suit your project.
Ability to Customize to Any Size or Configuration
The Finest Light Engine in the Industry


Installation Cost: SMARTWALLⓇ does not require special wiring, one duplex outlet every 40 feet.

Maintenance Cost: Average lifespan for LED lights is 80,000 to 100,000 hours. Less time and money spent replacing overhead fluorescent lights.

Product Presentation: LED lighting is directly at product level and enhances product appearance. This grabs the customers attention and brings the eye directly to your merchandise



Time-lapse Install Video