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The Hybrid T-Top

The ultimate in slot stand configuration while maintaining the spacious features of the Hybrid™ Slot Base. The tops are equipped with TC Millwork’s patented Gaming Grid™, which allows the easiest installation of any cabinet configuration from all slot machine manufacturers.

Slot Base

By incorporating geometric tessellation (better known as “tiling”) to the counter top, slot bases can now be added or subtracted with ease, right on the casino floor. Meanwhile, The seamless look of the counter top stays intact as the configuration changes.

New single welded design. No loose or shared components needed.

Can ship pre-assembled as full banks

Single modular tops are available for easier floor moves

Notched top web frames for signage (allows for clearance for sign electrical wires)

Wider bases with larger tops and fillers are available for high limit areas

Optional universal shelf for switches and equipment

No cross brace needed

Option for sled chair provisions are available

Carousel walls are now 6″ wide metal plates that easily attach to the back of the base’s web frames. Easy access in and out of the carousel for techs.