At TC Millwork we want to help you build stores that connect and engage with the customer, that makes them want to take a piece of your brand home with them, and to return to your store again and again.

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SMARTWALL® is a UL listed visual merchandising system that utilizes new or existing wall standards to supply power using proprietary low voltage lighting. Power to illuminate an array of merchandise is delivered through the standards to circuitry built into each unit. No need for hard wiring, or any exposed electrical connections; SMARTWALL® is self-contained elegance.

Want to move your shelves vertically up and down and horizontally? No problem, our system is polarity neutral! SMARTWALL® does not require special wiring; only one duplex outlet is needed every 40 feet.

Lightweight shelves can be stored flat, with totally independent brackets that handle the same or more weight load as any shelf on the market. This includes industrial gondolas used in grocery and office supply stores.

Ven4ma® — 3D Films

Ven4ma® is a product TC Millwork designed for the healthcare industry to provide impact resistant, anti microbial finishes that could be used for crown molding to wall protection, to crash rails and corner guards.

Laminates are great—if you are flat laminating and don’t have to worry about edge-banding. Ven4ma can be flat laminated, miter folded, vacuum pressed and formed making them durable and versatile.

We can match practically any laminate (and if you have enough quantity we can match any laminate or veneer) with a 3D film alternative that will allow us to lower costs, improve durability and do away with unsightly (and prone to blow-out) black lines.

TC Millwork has been at this since the 90’s, and most film manufacturers recommend us to lay up their films because we have the experience and technology to show their films in the best light.

Solid Wood and Veneers

Our experienced craftsman have decades of experience in working with real and reclaimed wood of all species.

Plastic Laminate

High Pressure Laminate or HPL, is the direct descendent of the original plastic laminate. It is considered to be one of the most durable decorative surface materials and is available with special performance properties including chemical, fire and wear resistance. This is commonly used for flat laminating.

Metal  Fixtures

From steel tube, to stainless steel, we engineer, produce and deliver thousands of custom racks, tables, towers and components for the store fixture industry and have several price-point levels depending on budget and brand/product being displayed. We commonly prototype and have small run production domestically, and large runs and roll outs are made in one of our offshore factories.

Acrylic And Glass

Whether it is glass showcases, shelves or acrylic sign holder, displayer or protective barriers, we can design and manufacture to your needs.


These beautiful organic sculpted furniture are one of a kind creations made by skilled crafts persons utilizing urban salvaged and reclaimed solid woods.

TC Millwork’s goal is to provide this unique and beautiful line of furniture as a way for customers to differentiate themselves from their competition, as well as for hospitality and residential spaces.

At the same time our goal is to give these wood slabs a second life instead of letting them to rot and decay. All wood is sourced from individual band saw mill owners from salvage situations.