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iCRYO is an exciting new brand in the health and wellness industry offering many services including cryotherapy, IV hydration, red light therapy, and zero body dry float. They turned to TC Millwork to make their program scalable without compromising design or durability.

This is an example of TCM color through films. These items are not painted! They are not hand laminated! Using the latest adhesive technologies in the industry we can build these fixtures in America keeping costs down.

Integrated LED lighting on the podiums and backlit LED perimeter lighting really conjures up the imagery of ice that lends itself nicely to the brand iCRYO!

Fixtures feature elements:

  • Smartwall wireless lit shelves enhance product
  • Illuminated graphics to highlight each brand
  • Built-in storage for backstock
  • Miter folding
  • High-gloss films
  • Custom metalwork details