TC Millwork, Inc. - Willow

Willow - Women's Clothing Store in Boulder CO.

Willow, opened in the autumn of 2013, is a women's high fashion store located in Boulder Colorado. During 2013 we helped design the interior of the store. Using our 'SMARTWALL®' fixtures we bought light to the Willow merchandise. SMARTWALL® displays products in such a way that it helps grab the attention of customers as they enter the store or walk by a store front window.

We also installed hang rails all throughout the store so Willow could display their clothing in a "massed out" manner, which allows them to display more clothing in smaller spaces. We designed and built their cash wrap to match the look and feel of the rest of the store.

We enjoyed working with Willow and look forward to their growth and working with them in the future!

SMARTWALL® and Hang rail Fixtures