TC Millwork, Inc. - Kicks USA

When is a shelf a fixture?...
When it's lit and you can merchandise from it!

Kicks USA is an athletic apparel store for all ages which has locations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. This year TCM furnished 4 complete stores and remodeled one. In each store we installed our SMARTWALL fixtures with merchandising solutions including the pencil point design and the Z bar. Some of our SMARTWALL hanging solutions are demonstrated in the pictures above to give a faceout accessory position (see pictures 1 thru 5). We also incorporated our high gloss, no black lines, seamless miterfolding construction. We used this process for many of the fixtures throughout the store including floor table fixtures and the seamless multi-finish shoe display (see pictures 6 thru 8). For the sneaker wall we did a boomerang shape structure to display the sneakers with style. We enjoyed working with Kicks USA and look forward to working with them again.

High gloss boomerang shape
hanging sneaker wall.